An effective and efficient physical security design ensures security of your premises and assets, without being too much inconvenient or impractical

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The Need

Scheduled physical security audits are necessary to ensure that all the systems, included CCTV, access control, biometric, barriers, motion sensors are working as expected. Lapse or failure of any of the components can very adverse consequence including lawsuits, financial loss, or physical harm. Regular audits helps to identify and close any loopholes in the security system by upgrading components or expanding the system.

IP CCTV Design

IP CCTV is the first line defense in physical security. A fail-safe IP CCTV system has extensive recording time, weatherproof cameras, tamper alarms etc. CCTV cameras suits for extreme environments are also available.
Audits of IPCCTV systems assess the reliability of storage, efficiency of the cameras, such as coverage angles etc.
FI can assess the efficiency of your IP CCTV system and recommend any changes or upgrades required to ensure safety and security and of your people, assets and premises.

Access Control Design

Access control system including biometric, RFID, facial recognition are a major component to restrict access to sensitive locations throughout your premises. A well designed access control system lets you track an employee or visitor access to different locations on the premises.
FI can audit the effectiveness of your access control systems and determine if there are any loopholes in the system design.

Perimter Security Design

Perimeter security consists of motion sensors, laser beams, alarms, gate barriers etc. These system are sensitive and need to be audited regularly to make sure they are working as expected. Thresholds might need to be configured to avoid false positives.
FI can look at your complete perimeter security system and asses if any loopholes or blind spots exists that would compromise the safety and security of your people, assets, or premises.

Integration Testing

An integrated physical security system combines all the above systems and beyond to protect your assets 24/7 without being impractical to use. They give you an overall reports of various access and authorizations happening in your premises. A well designed and integrated physical security system offers the below:
FI security experts can stress test your system to ensure they work as expected and ensure safety and security.

• Control Access
• Ensure Security
• Track Access and Authorization
• Generate Audit Reporting
• Mitigate Physical Risk
• Manage Compliance