Information is the most valuable asset of any organization., and security of your data is of utmost importance.  Mishandling, leakage, or any form of compromise on your organization’s data can have unrecoverable consequences.

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The Need

Regular Information Security audits by cyber security experts is the key to making sure your data, services and applications are protected from unforeseen threats. Information security audits assess the vulnerability of your system from multiple angles in order to shrink the attack surface.

Network and EndPoint Security

Since all data traffic passes thru your network, network security is the first step in information security audits. Network security appliances, services, and applications are audited thoroughly to find any misconfigurations or unpatched vulnerabilities. Network traffic metadata is fed into network and security monitoring tools, which analyze the traffic in real-time to find anomalies or malicious traffic in your network.
FI would recommend steps to block, cover, patch these vulnerabilities and minimize your attack surface.

Email Security

Email is the most common means of transporting malware and other forms attacks. Non tech savvy users can be easily duped into opening emails that seems to be from known or legitimate sources. Maybe the users email accounts is compromised, or the senders' email account is compromised. It will be hard to detect the fake email to an untrained eye.
FI security experts and make sure you have the latest and greatest email security tools that works in tandem with Network security and endpoint security tools.

Unified Communication

Mobile work force are part of modern work culture. Ensuring they can work seamlessly with their colleagues is essential for higher user productivity. Latest developments in UC allows users to share files and communicate no matter where they are. This convenience also brings unforeseen threats to your data and network.
FI UC experts can assess the security of UC systems and tools to make sure they configured and running according to industry standards and best practices, that allow users to have secure and reliable communication.

Storage and Encryption

Data encryption ensures the integrity of the data and makes sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Encryption services are available as built-in to OS such as Microsoft Windows, or third-party services from vendors likes McAfee etc. Self-destructing storage devices ensure the data are available only to the intended audiences, and can only be accessed certain number of times. Once this parameters are passed, the storage devices destructs the data with military standards and the data is no longer available.
FI can assess and audit your current storage and encryptions systems to make sure they are up to industry standards and best practices.

Identity Services

Easily and accurately identifying your users, including employees, customers, visitors, and partners, is critical to making sure that unauthorized people don’t get access your business data. Identity theft can also have long term legal and financial consequences. A reliable and secure identity management services ensures user's identities are not compromised and that data and resource usages are linked user identities for administration, control, monitoring and reporting purposes.
FI can assess the effectiveness and deployed polices of your existing identity management system, or design and implement a new identity management system that can be integrated with your exists systems.

Compliance Testing

Failure to protect private data, financial information, customer information, employee information etc. and related system, assets, can have heavy financial and legal consequences for organizations, and the resulting damage to a business’s reputation can have long-lasting ramifications. Businesses are legally required to abide by the relevant health & safety, financial, privacy employment laws, as well as a statutory duty of care – meaning they also have moral and ethical obligations to take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their employees.
FI information security experts can audit and assess your complete system and processes to make sure your organization meets all required compliance and regulatory laws and requirements. We can recommend the steps needed overcome and gaps or shortcoming that may be found.

Penetration Testing

Organizations do all they can to protect their systems and data from cyber assets, but they don’t always systematically test their defenses. Penetration Testing helps you strengthen your security for those assets by pinpointing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your security systems. They test the vulnerability and security of the system from and outsider's perspective.
FI security experts simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers targeting your data and IT assets, and help you to:

• Determine whether your critical data and system are at risk
• Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them
• Gain insight into attacker motivations and targets
• Get quantitative results that help measure the risk associated with your critical assets
Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to strategic compromise